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Hello, I'm Michael!

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Who am I?

I'm Michael, a full time and full stack (web) developer.

Born in 1994, raised and living in Belgium. Since I was 15-16 years old I've been obsessed with technology. Since then I chose to study something with computers, hardware and software focused. During all these student years I've chosen the web developer path as dream job, with also self-studied hardware path.

My favorite is back-end, but front-end is welcome too. I also love building computers, troubleshooting them and fixing them (but less so on software side). My hobbies are listening to music, festivals (I'd like to actually visit more of em), gaming, programming, movies, driving bike and some more.

As you can see my life is kinda based on technology.



C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Unity

Front end web development


HTML, CSS, SASS, JS/Jquery, Tailwind, Bootstrap, webpack/gulp, ...

Back end web development


PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Composer, ...



MySQL, SQL, sqlite

Operating Systems


Windows, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu

Note: the percentages are based on experience of a topic.

Here's what I made

These are the projects I finished or I'm busy with.

AS logo


My full time job right here. Athenasoft is a CMS/administration system + website combo for adult schools ("CVO's" in dutch) in Belgium.
The CMS side is for staff/teachers and the website side is for potential students (and well, the usual goals why you have a website). The whole package has hundreds of features and modules to administrate from. Every department of a school ueses the software.

Private Servers

I manage(d) several virtual private servers: for my own and for gaming communities. Mostly for maintaining them, linking domains, installing services and much more.


I really enjoy working with API's. I've worked with the API of PayPal, Twitter, Pingdom, Google, PayConiq, Microsoft, Canvas LMS, Campaign monitor and probably more.

Multiplayer servers

I was PAWN scripter of 3 San Andreas Multiplayer Servers, for 2 of them I made the website and user control panel on my own. The servers were LM-DM, Police And Terrorists and Minigames Server.


My father has a bakery which I made a website for.

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Flarum is forum software which I contributed to by making some extensions: MyBB to flarum, discussion views and profile views

Hardware scraper

Not an open source project but while chip shortages continue throughout 2021 and 2022 it's been impossible to get a gaming graphics card and other PC components. To counter this I've made a scrape bot and the data is publicly available.


Youtube converter

A SaaS project that downloads and converts Youtube video's and gives a JSON response with information about the video and a stream link. An open-source project i'm quite fond of: with or without Laravel available.

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Computer builds

I've build desktop computers for my own, for family, for fun. It's so satisfying when booting up your freshly new PC for the first time. I have some video's on my Youtube.

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Onlyfans Scraper

Thanks to reverse engineering and checking HTTP traffic, this website makes downloading possible from websites such as Onlyfans or Fanlsy.

This project is my first NodeJS project, made with AdonisJS

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movieslikex logo

Movies Like X

A site I made for a client that uses the IMDB API to search for similar movies from a movie you love! Unfortunately the client has discontinued the project.


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