About me

I'm a kind, sweet guy who loves his friends and the people who support me. My hobbies are programming, hardware, hardstyle.

I live in this small country, Belgium around the city of Bruges. Best student and historic city. I'm born in 1994 and my childhood was a wonderful time.

Nowadays I have a job as Full stack webdeveloper and it's my dream job. Properly started having a job since mid 2017.

About programming: i know a bit of everything. But mostly PHP as back-end, next to front-end.

Note: the values in these progressbars does not mean I actually know x % about everything of the programming language. It's based on experience.

.NET (C#, ASP.NET, Unity)


Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP)




Operating Systems (Windows, Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu))




My projects

Projects I've worked on or where I'm still working on.

Private Servers

I manage(d) several virtual private server(s): one for my own and previously for gaming community(ies). Mostly like maintaining them, linking domains, installing services and much more.


I really enjoy working with API's. I've worked with the API of PayPal, Twitter, Pingdom, Google, PayConiq, Microsoft, Canvas LMS, Campaign monitor and probably more.

Multiplayer servers

I was programmer/scripter of 3 San Andreas Multiplayer Servers, for 2 of them I made the website/user control panel on my own. The servers are LM-DM, Police And Terrorists and Minigames Server.


I have plenty of other open and close source projects located on my GitHub account.


My father has a bakery which I made a website for.


Flarum is forum software which I contributed to by making some extensions: MyBB to flarum, (profile views and discussion views)


Not an open source project but while ship shortages continue throughout 2021 and 2022 it's been impossible to get a gaming graphics card and other PC components. To counter this I've made a scrape bot and the data is publicly available on this website.

Youtube API

I have a popular Youtube API service that downloads and converts video's and gives a JSON response, located at youtube.michaelbelgium.me. An open-source project i'm quite fond of: with or without Laravel available.

Computer builds

I've build desktop computers for my own, for family, for lols. It's so satisfying when booting up your freshly new PC for the first time. I love building pc's. Here are some pictures and some video's.

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Michael Verlinde

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